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Educational Presentation March 27: Erosion Studies in the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge

Altar Valley overview from Baboquivary

On March 27, 2018, the Pima NRCD will host an educational presentation by Dr. Mary Nichols, who has done studies on the historical and current erosion and gullying in the Buenos Aires National Wildlife Refuge.

Mary H. Nichols is a Research Hydraulic Engineer with the USDA-Agricultural Research Service in Tucson, AZ (since 1991). She has a Ph. D. in Engineering from New Mexico State University. Her research interests include rangeland soil and water conservation practices and their legacy effects on landscapes, the use of high resolution photography in natural resource management, and dryland fluvial geomorphology and landscape evolution.

Current projects include watershed restoration using low-tech rock check dams, quantifying rangeland watershed sediment yields, documenting and interpreting gullies and channel evolution in semiarid watersheds, and the use of ground based lidar for quantifying surface soil erosion processes.

Click here to view the agenda for March 27.